How To Paint Watercolor Contellations

Hey guys! Today I have a really fun post on watercolor paint. I started using watercolor just a couple weeks ago, I had to do an art project based on the colour wheel, and I decided to paint five different fruits (each fruit illustrates a couple different colours, it worked out great!). I very quickly fell in love with watercolor painting, so I thought I'd share a quick and easy post, which also doubles as some great art for your place. See below to find out what you need to paint watercolor constellations:


Gallery walls are HUGE right now, but they can get extremely expensive if you're buying new. So, I searched the internet for some of my favourite FREE printables. Enjoy!


Today I am sharing my go to lip products for the colder months. If I had to choose, and it is a tricky choice for me, think I'd have to say that lip products are one of my favourite parts of doing my makeup. Eye makeup and contouring is fun, but a lipstick can totally transform your look. As you can tell I'm all about the darker lips this time of year. I don't know about you guys but when I put on a dark lip my confidence goes up about ten notches.