August is over and what a great month it was! The weather was questionable as we had to endure some rain but other than that it was great. I spent as much of the month as I could with friends before we separated ways for school in the fall and I of course tried out loads of new products.

First things first, I fell in love with the photo idea book by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman called A Beautiful Mess. It's filled with tons and tons of photo inspiration and tips and tricks. This book has been on my nightside table since I purchased it and has definitely been well loved. Some of my favorite pages are 28, 52, 91, 102, 129 and 148.

I purchased the Gelato candle from Bath & body Works last summer but didn't get around to burning it until this summer and I must say it smells delicious! It's not too over powering (which is always a plus for me!) but it still gives off a lovely aroma throughout the room. I'm actually terrible at describing scents but to me it basically smells like a soft, fruity but sweet gelato, haha.

I discovered The Vamps at the beginning of this year and was very excited to see that there EP was released in Canada last month. I am a big fan of most of their songs, but "Move My Way" has to be my favorite, it's so catchy in a pop song kind of way but it also just makes you happy with the acoustic guitar.

Now moving onto my beauty favorites of the month! I've had the worst time finding a sunscreen that wouldn't break my face out with acne or irritate it with bumps, so I was crazy happy when I tried the Capital Soleil  by Vichy. It's SPF 30 and has yet to break me out in any acne or bumps. It doesn't feel as heavy or oily as most sunscreens either, which is great.

Speaking of Vichy, I also tried out their ProEVEN Night which is supposed to work overnight to help reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone. And I must say this has worked wonders on my dark spots from acne scarring. I cannot praise this product enough, it's done wonders for my skin.

I don't think there was a day in August that I didn't spray a couple pumps of Replica's Beach Walk on my wrists, it smells amazing! They've described it as "sun kissed, salty skin" and i think that's exactly right. It smells like all of the good parts of going to the beach and that is just what I had been searching for!

I know I am a little late on the band wagon with this one, but I finally purchased the NAKED BASICS palette, by Urban Decay, and use it almost everyday. I liked their first two palettes a lot when they first came out, but to be honest I barely ever wear them anymore because a lot of the colours aren't very everyday appropriate for me. I like that these are everyday shades that you can use until they're gone.

I love a good red lip but I also love an orange lip so when I spotted MAC's lipstick Lady Danger, I knew it was the lipstick for me! It's a beautiful orangey-red and it goes great with almost every outfit I own and really compliments my blue eyes and brunette hair.

For some reason I ordered a bunch of bath bombs from lush this month (despite the hot, humid weather, haha). I especially enjoyed the Big Blue bath bomb, as I thought it was very appropriate for summertime. It has lavender, lemon seasalt and seawood, which makes you feel like your taking a dip in the ocean!

I have never used a dry shampoo that I liked as much as Bumble and bumble's pret-a-powder. It's a loose white powder that can be used as a dry shampoo or just to create more volume and texture with your hair. I usually only use it on second or third day hair but have used it on first day hair if my hair is feeling a little flat. It's a little pricey but is definitely worth the splurge!

Last but not least I have been adoring the solid shampoo bar by Lush that smells of cinnamon! I have loved their shampoo bars ever since I tried them in back in january and this one is no exception. It suds up great, but also just gets your hair super clean and leaves it smelling of cinnamon.


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