So today I thought I would post something a little bit different, but something that I am very passionate about—home decor!

Lately, my favourite way to easily revamp my space has been to add little bits of mixed metal (i.e., golds, silvers and bronzes). I particularly love this look trend because it can create a cool, boho vibe. All of the pieces featured were pretty affordable and easily accessible. Below are where everything was purchased:

Margarita Shaker: Homesense, $9.99
Wine Toppers: Homesense, $9.99 each
Wine Glass: Homesense, $14.99 for 4
Coaster: Indigo, $5.00 for 4 (on sale)
The Gold Letter "C": Indigo
Gold and White Dish: Target, $10.00
Gold and Bronze Candle Holder: Michael's
Bronze Candle Holder: SuperStore, $3.99
Owl Piggy Bank: Homesense: $9.99
White and Gold Drink Pitcher: Target, $12.00 on sale
Gold Picture Frame: TJ Maxx
Larger Gold Dish: Indigo, $12.50 on sale

Changing a few items in the kitchen is a super easy and small way to change up its look and keep it trendy. My friend gifted me the wine glasses for my birthday and I love them, plus they're a crowd pleaser. The wine stoppers are an especially easy and usually affordable option,  the deer head is my personal favourite! Drink shakers are always a necessity when having people over for drinks, so why not choose a silver, which is not only perfect for this trend but its also simple enough that you can use it for a long time. I think my favourite from this category has to be the drink pitcher. I'm on the look out for a gold bar cart and this is going to look great on it!

The rest is just miscellaneous home decor that you can use pretty much anywhere around your house. The candle holders are especially versatile and a timeless option, they're also one of the easiest items to find. I chose a gold letter "C" because of my name, it's perfect to personalize any space and they usually come in silver and bronze. You can hang it on a wall (it looks great as part of a photo collage on your wall) or on a bookshelf. The silver owl piggy bank is also great for multiple spaces, such as your bedroom or office. Plus it's an easy way to save some change! picture frames are always an easy way to add the latest trends to a room and gold and silver are pretty timeless. One of my favourite pieces is the gold and white dish, that I use to keep all of my rings in. I keep it on my nightstand, so it is not only not only practical but also decorative. The large gold dish can be used as a candle holder, flower pot or in y case as a holder for my makeup brushes. i just put some coffee beans in at and voila I had a very affordable way to store my brushes. Lastly, coasters are an excellent and more discrete way of adding some metals to your space.

Hopefully this post will give you some tips and ideas to spruce up your own space, and you can do it affordably.

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