Hi all! Today I thought I'd share some of my all time favourite accessories along with my current favourites for spring!

Accessories are one of my favourite parts of fashion. You can have a super simple outfit but as soon as you add the right pair of earrings, or rings or a hat, that's when the outfit becomes unique and fun! Another reason I love accessories so much is that they're really easy to buy (maybe too easy) because you don't really have to try them on, not like clothes anyway. They're also one of the simplest and sometimes cheapest ways to update your wardrobe to current trends.

Where possible I have given direct links to products mentioned, but unfortunately in some cases the items are no longer available so I have linked to similar items.

I love hats but they're usually only a fall/winter staple for me as I tend to gravitate more towards knit hats and beanies. But as I'm sure many of you are aware beach hats and fedoras are very popular this year so I thought I'd grab one for myself and I absolutely love it. I found mine at Garage, but they have them everywhere now. 

Jewelry is such a staple for me. I never leave the house without my rings, earrings and a necklace. I like more of a boho vibe to my jewelry and most of the time I wear only silver. This is just because all of my rings are sterling silver and I like the rest of my jewelry to match! I love a good gold accessory as much as the next person, I just hate when fake rings turn my fingers green. With the exception of a few rings that I found online at Zulily, I purchase all of my rings from local businesses in my area, so unfortunately I do not have any links to share with you. 

I tend to purchase my necklaces all over the place! But some of my favourite are from Shop Dixi, which is where I purchased the bullet inspired necklace from. The rest are from regular stores that you can find in your shopping mall! I love anything turquoise, silver or tribal inspired.

I tend to be super boring when it comes to my earrings as I only wear studs. They're usually from any store that has them on sale, because I lose them a lot! I like pearls or any silver stud. I like studs better than dangly earrings because they don't get stuck in my hair and they don't look too busy with my other piercings.

I love a good cross body bag! In fact, I do not own any purse that cannot be worn as a cross body because I like the option to be hands free when needed. My go to is always a black leather cross body that will fit loads, but  when it starts to get warmer and sunnier, I bring out my favourite purse ever by Rebecca Minkoff. It's brown and black, so it's super neutral and easy to pair with everything, plus it has a cool tribal print on it.

I used to switch out my wallets all the time, that is until I came across this one from Fossil. It's great quality and it matches all of my bags! So it was definitely worth the little bit extra that I normally would not pay for just a wallet. 

Glasses are something that I have to wear everyday (in fact I've been wearing them since I was three!), so I have a few pairs, but I don't wear any of them as much as I rear these. I love them becasuse they're huge but also because the frame is tortoise shell (so not as harsh as black) and the arm is an orangey colour. They go great with almost everything and I get lots of compliments from them. I unfortunately could not find them online, but I'm sure there is a similar pair out there somewhere.

Sunglasses are definitively a necessity, especially when the sun starts to come out. Right now I've been loving these heart shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.

Where I live in Canada it isn't very warm yet, so I've been able to get away with wearing a light weight scarf. One of my favourites is patterned with cute little foxes. It's from Bootlegger

I've had the same old belt since I was sixteen years old, but I still love it and wear it everyday. It's from American Eagle and has a peace sign as the closure. It's also held up surprisingly well over the years.

Like many people, I have a Michael Kors watch, it's rose gold and white so It's pretty easy to match with things!

So, what's your go to or current favourite accessories for the spring? I'd LOVE to know! As usual I would love to know what you thought about the post, so don't be afraid to comment.


  1. love the post! obsessed with silver jewellery (plus that moon bowl is the most adorable thing!) xo


  2. Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The moon bowl was definitely a great find. :)

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you like the post. :)

  4. Those sunglasses are so cute! x


  5. Wow! I hope I have them all! Lol! Love those heart shaped sunglasses! so fun!