Hi everyone, I'm back! I had to take a little break because university got a crazy busy, but now that I am done for the summer and am graduating, I have LOTS of time to dedicate to my blog. And I couldn't be more excited! So without further ado, here is my lush haul.

The closest Lush to me is about a four hour drive away, so whenever I get to one in person I usually stock up on loads! I do order online occasionally when I run out of something, but whenever I'm trying something new I prefer to buy in store because the staff is always very knowledgeable and can answer any of my questions. They are really great!

I have tried a majority of the products mentioned in this post, so I thought I would also include some tips or just info about them incase any of you were interested in some of the products.

Angels on Bare Skin
Until this one I hadn't been able to find a cleanser that I really loved. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, oil free and best of all clean. Some cleansers never felt like they were actually getting my face clean and this one really does the trick! 

Tea Tree Water Tone
This is hands down the best toner that I've used. I love that it tones, but it does it gently. I've tried so many toners that were just too harsh for my skin and although they helped with my acne, they also irritated my skin. this is great because it's not only great for blemishes but it's also great for oily skin, plus it feels extremely refreshing.

Grease Lightning Tea Tree Cleanser
Again I love this product because it helps fight against acne without the harshness that comes along with most products. There is nothing worse than a product that irritates your blemish further. This stuff goes a LONG way too, you just need a little dab on your blemish and you're set!

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
I haven't tried this specific fresh face mask before, but I've loved the others that I have tried, so I'm expecting great things from this one! It's supposed to be amazing for acne and I've recently had a little break out so I'm hoping this will clear it right up.

Daddy-O Shampoo
This is a new product for me and I cannot wait to try it out. This product is meant to keep blondes and greys from going brassy. I have tried other products with similar aims and loved them, but I try to keep my hair and skincare very natural, so this should be perfect!

NEW Shampoo Bar
I tried a shampoo bar for the first time a little over a year ago, and I kid you not, I have been using them ever since. I love how clean they get your hair! I was quite hesitant at first because I didn't think it would lather and sud very well, but I assure you that it does! It's great too because it lasts a lot longer than liquid shampoo because you only need a very little at a time. I also find the bars help with volume. And this one smells AMAZING.

Montalbano Shampoo Bar
This is a new one for me, once I smelled it in store I new I had to grab it. This one also caught my eye because it's a cleansing shampoo, which is great because it will help get rid of any gunk that has built up in your hair from products since your last wash.


  1. I love Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic :) x

  2. It's truly a life saver when it comes to breakouts! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Great haul - I love Lush! I need a lush shopping spree soon x

  4. Thanks, Lush is definitely worth the splurge! :)