Hi everybody! Summer is quickly approaching, so I thought I would share my favourite scents for the summertime with you all. Some of these are scents I've loved for a while and some are new scents that I found this season.

Coconut is my all time favourite scent ever, so you'll notice coconut is a reoccurring theme in these products. My apologies if coconut is not for you!

Perfumes/Body Sprays
Pink Body Mist in Sun Kissed
I think body mist is a great alternative to perfume, especially if you're anything like me and you're sensitive to any strong scent. This one is a lovely light scent that smells of coconut water and vanilla!

Fruits & Passion Eau de Toilette in Coconut
Similarly, I also find eau de toilette a great alternative to perfume because it's not quite as strong either. This one is pretty self explanatory; it simply smells of coconut. 

fresh Perfume in SUGAR
The fresh perfumes are great, especially if you like your products on the natural side! This one doesn't have a great lasting power, but it smells delicious. It smells of citrus and is just sweet enough!

Replica Perfume in Beach Walk
This has to be my all time favourite perfume. It's my go to scent in the warmer months and smells exactly like the name suggests, the beach! Who doesn't love to smell the beach?! The bottle describes it as "sun kissed salty skin" and I think that's exactly right.

Pink Body Lotion in Surf Days
This is my favourite body lotion find of the season, it's amazing! It's very moisturizing and keeps your body moisturized pretty much all day, which is great. It smells of coconut and papaya sorbet, mmm.

Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream in Honolulu Sun
This hand cream is the best, it smells of coconut and leaves your hands moisturized without feeling wet or sticky.

Let me know what your favourite summer scents are in the comments, I'd love to know! Are any of you coconut fanatics like myself? 


  1. Very good suggestions! I used to drink coconut milk but now somehow I don't like it anymore. I always like floral type of scents. Have a great weekend Cailey!


  2. I looooove using Katy Perry Killer Queen Spring Reign during summer :)

  3. I've heard that smells amazing! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Floral scents are always lovely as well. :)

  5. I'd love to smell them all, mainly the Fresh one!

  6. You definitely need to, the fresh smells amazing. Thanks for reading. :)