Today I am sharing my go to lip products for the colder months. If I had to choose, and it is a tricky choice for me, think I'd have to say that lip products are one of my favourite parts of doing my makeup. Eye makeup and contouring is fun, but a lipstick can totally transform your look. As you can tell I'm all about the darker lips this time of year. I don't know about you guys but when I put on a dark lip my confidence goes up about ten notches.

So, first things first, Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita. Liquid lipsticks are amazing, they go on smooth like a gloss but they dry to look like a lipstick, plus the applicator gives you great precision. The colour has been described as a "terra cotta nude," which I think is spot on. It's also a surprisingly universal shade. I normally wouldn't gravitate towards such a "browny" toned shade, but it looks great, even on my ivory toned skin and blonde ombre hair. This lip colour is a newer purchase of mine, but I've been gravitating towards it most days, it's a definite winner in my books.

Next up is another liquid lipstick, but this time it's a shade by Stila called, Patina. this shade is described as a "dusty rose," but it appears more plum like on my skin. Either way I love the colour and the formula, because as the name suggests it lasts a long time, even through eating and drinking.

Currently I've been liking two MAC lipsticks, which are admittedly very similar in shade, so you definitely don't need both. I believe I purchased Sin first, which has a matte finish and is described as a "deep berry wine." It goes on smoothly as long as your lips are moisturized before hand. I do find that a lipliner is helpful to get fuller coverage with this specific lipstick as well as getting a cleaner look around the edges. The second MAC lipstick I've been wearing a ton is the shade, Media. As I said, it's very similar to Sin, but is described as more of a red wine with a satin finish. I find I'm able to get away with the same liner for both shades and have been using Ms. Diva, which is by MAC as well.

I've mentioned my love for Rimmel's lipstick in the shade 107 before and I'm talking about it again. Ever since I purchased my first tube about two years ago, it's been a staple for pretty much every season. It's so flattering, even on my fairer skin. I also think it's fairly universal as I've worn it through my many hair colour changes—dark brown, light brown, dark brown with ombre, dark dark brown with highlights, dirty blonde, light blonde, golden blonde and my current blonde ombre. It's another berry-red shade with a matte finish, but it's a little more wearable as it's not as dark as the two MAC shades above.

Lastly, I have a Lancome lipstick in the shade Pretty Burgundy, which was kind of an accidentally find; my mom actually received it as a gift with purchase promotion but gave it to me because it's not her preferred choice of colour. So I guess I should thank her because I've been using it ever since! This lipstick goes on amazingly smooth and is very opaque, which is amazing. It's a cream finish and is a plumy red colour.

I'd love to know what shades of lip products you gravitate towards in the colder months. I'm always looking to expand my lip collection, even if it is getting a little out of hand.

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