If you're like me then you may have never heard of Tiber River. Until a close friend of mine started selling it a couple of months ago I had no idea it existed. I was so pleased to learn that it is a CANADIAN brand, and even better, it's natural too! Since my friend started selling it I've spent way too much on their products. By far some of my favourites is there foot line- Footloose & Fancy Free.

Taking care of your feet is important, especially in the summer when your feet are constantly exposed for the world to see. I was so happy to learn they had an entire line to combat dry feet. Now, you by no means need the entire line, you can definitely pick and choose which ones will work best for you. To shop the line find a local consultant or visit Tiber River's website.

They recommend that if you're using the whole line that you begin with step 1, the Footloose & Fancy Free Soak. This is super easy to use, you just pour however much you'd like into your water. It's meant to fight against foot odours and prepare your feet for the next steps. Bonus, it smells GREAT (like peppermint, but not too strong).

Step 2 is the Footloose & Fancy Free Scrub. This scrub is designed to leave your feet soft, but again fight against odours. Ingredients like castor oil and myrrh help to do this. I love the feeling of scrubbing my feet, this scrub specifically does a great job at buffing dead skin off without being too abrasive.

Next up is step 3, the Footloose & Fancy Free Lotion. Once feet are dry (obviously) you lather them up with this moisturizing and conditioning lotion, that again, also helps combat any stink.

Step 4 (we're almost done!) is the Footloose & Fancy Free Repair Bar. It's concentrated for the worst case of cracked heels. And yet again, also combats against odours. Are you sensing a theme yet?

Lastly, step 5 is the Footloose & Fancy Free Spray. this is great not only as the last step in the routine, but also for when you have hot and/or smelly feet. it's specifically designed to refresh and deodorize any smells.

As you can tell I am very impressed with this line and would highly recommend, especially because it's Canadian and natural. Again, you can pick and choose what's best for you and your needs. Some of my favourites are the lotion and the spray.

*Just a little disclaimer: this is in no way sponsored (although, how cool would that be?) and all opinions are my own and honest.

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